Paella……..sunshine food

Posted on 24 Jul 2016

With this hot weather in mind I decided to cook something that I have never attempted before....

Paella. I wanted to be reminded of my recent trip Mallorca so rejigged a recipe that I found on the back of a packet of Paella rice. It is important that as with risotto you use the correct rice to get that authentic taste.

You only need one pan, which is a bonus. Ideally a good quality ... READ MORE

All change for the summer…… Independence is approaching

Posted on 13 Jul 2016
echo article
I wrote this article about two years ago and was reminded of it today as I met up with some mum friends from my daughter's primary school. It was originally published in The Echo newspaper in October 2014. It is funny as not all of our children stay in touch with old class mates but we mums like to. Our kids are now reaching their last few days of year 7 at secondary school. Between those of us... READ MORE

Why is a mums to do list never ending?

Posted on 22 Jun 2016
Do I use a mums to do list? I think I'm quite an organised person, in fact on reflection I am an organised person. I plan, I have lists, when my middle aged memory lets me  remember I love to cross things off that I have achieved. There is a certain satisfaction to this, I think it comes in part from that feeling when you got your home work back from your teacher at junior school and the page was... READ MORE

Holiday research in Mallorca with coffee!

Posted on 14 Jun 2016
So I just got back from a week away In Mallorca and I loved it. I am not a sun worshipper, in truth I avoid it as much as possible, but I like a sunny day with a warm feel to it and and a shady place to sit and read. The food was amazing I will post photos in a later blog but the coffee was a revelation. I think of Italy as the place for coffee but every where I ordered coffee it was rich in ... READ MORE

Seasonal veggies in May Re The Rayleigh Review

Posted on 08 May 2016
bubble and squesk

What could be nicer than making the most of this seasons' summer veggies than with a simple yet classic dish of Bubble and Squeak?

Now most bubble and squeak recipes use up left over mash but to ring the changes try using crushed new potatoes. I always have a few left over after a summer salad so  it helps to make the most of these majestic little beauties.

Below is a recipe that I... READ MORE

Old friends and Healthy Eating!!!!

Posted on 13 Mar 2016
So I have a friend who has started a really good food blog recently and seeing her post somewhat more often than me it gave me the kick up the derriere that I needed to get my act together.   Cathy was my room mate at college.We both studied at Westminster College, yes Jamie Oliver did go there too but I think at their other site in London and most certainly a few years after us. For th... READ MORE

Love Food Hate Waste Competition

Posted on 07 Feb 2016
Love Food Hate waste

So back in 2012, I know ages ago!!!!, I won a competition run by Essex County Council in conjunction with their Love Food Hate Waste competition. It was advertised in the free parenting magazine that was sent round to all primary schools at the time.

(I cant quite remember the name but it was widely available back then and googling now to check there are hundreds with similar titles so I... READ MORE

My Trusty Collins English Dictionary

Posted on 28 Jan 2016
Well I say my trusty Collins English Dictionary but it is in fact my husbands that he received on his 20th birthday from his lovely grand mother, Grandma Elsie. During the early years of our marriage it was mainly used occasionally to check a spelling and then more so with our numerous games of Scrabble..... when ever she visited we would play endless games until late into the evening and then gra... READ MORE

OMG its 2016 already and time to upload my last three articles from The Rayleigh Review!

Posted on 19 Jan 2016
So its about one, two and three months late respectively but as I always say 'better late than never'!!!!!!   The above three photos are my articles which appeared in The Rayleigh Review for November, December and January. November was about getting ready and organised for the whirl of Christmas entertaining  with ideas to organise your kitchen and freezer, order your turkey well... READ MORE

Best Cheeseboard Ever!

Posted on 14 Oct 2015
chesses 123
How good does that look? My hubby and I love a cheeseboard coupled with a fabulous red wine or a glass of sweet, silky port it is a lovely way to round off a meal. Last Saturday we had some good friends over for the evening. Usually I would make a great dessert and then have a cheese board. Our get togethers with this particular couple typically finish as dawn is breaking the next day, ( no ... READ MORE