The Rayleigh Review April Edition

Posted on 15 Apr 2015

I am so pleased with this article .


I wanted to do something about Easter and as I started to write I realised, along with so many people, that I thought I knew about Easter just as we all know about Christmas.... however I was mistaken.As  I started to research and ask questions and I realised just how much I was not actually that familiar with. The events, the historical tradi... READ MORE

The February Edition Of The Rayleigh Review

Posted on 25 Feb 2015
Valentine's Day Meal
I am so pleased with this months article in The Rayleigh Review. I was asked to write a column for the less confident cook and came up with this menu. The food looked amazing and my hubby was most surprised to come home from a hard day at work on a wet and miserable Tuesday to be met with a three course Valentine menu. Upon asking, 'what's for dinner tonight?' I told him what the menu was ... READ MORE

Why Have a blog at all?

Posted on 25 Feb 2015
Well having a website with your own blog is all very well but it is a bit like calling yourself a writer and never writing anything if you do not actually blog about this is a bit of a trial to see if I can get my head around the practical side of blogging. If all goes well my next blog post will be a little more interesting to read I promise. If it doesn't work no... READ MORE

The Rayleigh Review Magazine

Posted on 02 Feb 2015
This is the third edition of The Rayleigh Review and is very different to other publications that have been seen in Rayleigh before. Paul Dunt is the editor. He has been a journalist for over twenty years and has a wealth of experience in newspapers, television and radio. With The Rayleigh Review Paul has made a bold stand and stayed loyal to his journalistic and newspaper background. The ethos... READ MORE

The very first blog post of Fifty, Foody and …..Fabulous

Posted on 02 Feb 2015
This project began with lots of ideas, copious scribbled notes and endless questions for my web designer. Well if it’s is worth doing, it’s worth doing well isn’t it? I felt it important to create a site that would show visitors what kind of a writer I am and to give an insight into my style and my brand. A talented writer should write for the client in the style or tone that THEY require. H... READ MORE