unnamedHi there. I am Helen Watson, a writer, and for me words are everything. Whether in our private lives, our professional lives or at any other time we need and use words every minute of the day. That is where I can help you. 

From an early age I can remember scribbling down ideas for stories, comedy sketches or poetry. I still do this although now I have a ‘posh’ notebook to store these creative gems and often I record observations or funny comments that I may have witnessed.

For the last fifteen years I have written press releases and editorials for a variety of small businesses and charities plus I have had several articles published in The Echo Newspaper. I was the food writer for a local magazine for over two years and have also written product descriptions, obituaries and even some speeches. I decided to set up this website to give a little window to my style of writing and to create new opportunities for me to write more often.

If you are a small business and need to tell your customers about your company and the fabulous products or services you offer, but you do not know how to get the message across, then please contact me.

I can put together a press release, write product descriptions which are both clear and concise or produce articles for you to send to the local press, media companies or industry magazines within your specific field. More importantly I can help you tell your customer exactly what you want to tell them in the tone of voice that suits your business. It could be professional letters, letters of complaint or job descriptions. Remember if you need anything written, I can help to reduce your workload by undertaking to do it for you.

Please check out my blog page where I sometimes post some of my work or even entertaining things that I like to share. You can comment on the blog as feedback is always rewarding.

To give you an idea about who I am I live in Essex. I am married and have two children and a crazy Cockerpoo dog called Bella. Over twenty years ago I set up an award winning coffee shop, which is still going strong, but writing is what beckons for my future so enjoy looking at my website and I hope to hear from you soon.


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