The need for a good copywriter

Posted on 21 Mar 2018
Pink old fashioned typewriter
This year has seen me really gather pace as a copywriter. January: Copywriter course In January I attended an excellent copywriting course in London and met some really interesting journalists and even a TV presenter or two. February:Short story published plus joined networking group February  saw me get a short story published in a national magazine.... READ MORE

Valentine’s Day 2018

Posted on 15 Feb 2018
heart shaped Valentine eggs
Back in February 2015, wow that seems so long ago, I was asked by my then editor to write a column for the less confident cook to use on Valentine's Day and came up with this menu. Prawn Cocktail with heart shaped bread Steak with chunky chips and a mushroom sauce A cheat's Banoffee Pie The food looked amazing and my hubby was most surprised to come home from a hard day at work on a we... READ MORE

Winter Is Coming

Posted on 23 Nov 2017
winter Cappuccino
So winter is just around the corner and  our daily lifestyle habits are beginning to change. It is dark when we get up and dark when we get home. Most of us 'require' the central heating to be on longer and those brushed cotton PJs and fluffy slipper socks, that have been hiding in the wardrobe since early this year, have made their escape and are now in regular use!!! The leaves have fallen ... READ MORE

Time to give our kids more independence…..

Posted on 02 Oct 2017
Echo article
A memory about our kid's independence popped up on my Facebook today of this article that was published in The Echo Newspaper three years ago. I had written it as I sat in my dining room  window watching my younger daughter walk to school on her own for the first time.  She had been asking for ages and I knew that it was time to learn to give her more responsibility. I do not have a link to the ... READ MORE

Review of my latest visit to The Clean Plate in Rayleigh

Posted on 01 Apr 2017
The Clean Plate Rayleigh
All over the country very talented people are opening up food businesses which really stand out from the average and this little gem in Rayleigh in Essex is one of them. Run by Juls Robinson and her business partner The Clean Plate is located at 11 London Road, Rayleigh, Essex. Check out their website at It is a treasure trove fo... READ MORE

Mothering Sunday Article in The Rayleigh Review

Posted on 21 Mar 2017
The Very Last Rayleigh Review Magazine Last month saw the last edition of The Rayleigh Review Magazine published and sadly it will be no more. Faced with increasing competition and a decreasing amount of advertisers, coupled with the huge amount of work that it took to put each edition togethe... READ MORE

My First Visit To Coastal Bite

Posted on 16 Mar 2017
Coastal Bite
I recently met up with my family for a brunch on the seafront and, at my brothers suggestion we met at Coastal Bite, one of the little cafes along the stretch known as The Arches on Southend seafront. I love it down there and often go for a walk with the dog. I especially love it in winter when there are not too many people about. On the day we visited it was dark and drizzly but that did not p... READ MORE

Pancake Day

Posted on 01 Mar 2017
Shrove Tuesday Pancake Day February 28th  Yesterday was Pancake Day and many families and students up and down the country will have indulged in the fun of making and tossing and possibly dropping pancakes! Our attempts last night were pretty good and this year to ring the changes I made some savoury ones . Why have I never done... READ MORE

Munching My Way Round Borough Market

Posted on 28 Feb 2017
  [caption id="attachment_409" align="alignnone" width="300"]St Pauls READ MORE

Leek and Potato Soup

Posted on 28 Jan 2017
  [caption id="attachment_403" align="alignnone" width="300"]Leek and Potato Soup READ MORE