Catching up on 2016 Rayleigh Review Articles!!!

Posted on 25th January 2017

Would you like to catch up on my Rayleigh Review Articles ?

So it has been quite some time, in fact over six months since my last blog post. That is quite frankly shameful but I have several reasons that have culminated in this situation. They don’t excuse it but they do go some way to explaining it:

  • Life got in the way
  • I got distracted by work and other stuff
  • I always intended to but it seems to be the thing on my to do list that just doesn’t get done, I almost get to it then another three or four more urgent things come up and that’s it slipped to the bottom of that list to wallow in oblivion

The website for the magazine is
My articles normally appear about page 20 ish

So here are some of last years articles which I am really quite proud of.

I hope you like them and enjoy reading them

Types of Port

Types of Port

The idea behind the article was to try to unravel some of the myth and misunderstanding behind the many types of port and I think that I achieved this.

I included one of my favourite deserts a port wine jelly and it went down really well.

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