Why is a mums to do list never ending?

Posted on 22nd June 2016


Do I use a mums to do list? I think I’m quite an organised person, in fact on reflection I am an organised person. I plan, I have lists, when my middle aged memory lets me  remember I love to cross things off that I have achieved. There is a certain satisfaction to this, I think it comes in part from that feeling when you got your home work back from your teacher at junior school and the page was filled with ticks and even a coloured star if you were lucky. It conditioned us to want a full house of ticks and to complete the task.




But life is busy. It is busy for most people. If you have a job plus a family plus a pet plus a family member who needs your support or help plus just the every day things in life we all do every day plus when the car breaks down or your child calls from school cos they don’t have enough money for lunch (as happened today even though you checked with them at the beginning of the week if they needed any money and they said no their account was topped up) plus if your older daughter who is living away from home keeps getting letters and outstanding bills that you made a point of checking with her before she left that were paid and you were assured that they were plus when your husband loses his keys or vitally important paperwork that you told him not to leave lying around and so on and so on ………..

You get my drift ????? Life throws you curve balls as they say and we mums seem to be the ones that have to pick them up and sort out the trail of mess that they leave behind which cuts in to our time to do things which adds to that ever increasing to do list!!!!

That’s why we get grumpy and that’s why we huff and puff occasionally and maybe that’s why we like a glass of Prosecco on a Friday night because the list that we started with on Monday has grown to twice its original size and although we got much of it done it now contains additional items such as re order Pe shorts as original ones are now lost ( strict instructions were given to double check as you leave the changing room) you now need to dash out and buy ingredients for food tech at school as daughter forgot to tell you last week that she will need  raw chicken and broccoli  spears for tomorrow and hubby borrowed your car today as his was in for a service but he forgot to top up with petrol which you would have done had he not had to borrow it and you are out at crack of dawn tomorrow for work………

Does any of this sound familiar!!!!!

I try not to get too grumpy well they say frowning gives you more lines so smiling is definitely the best course of action even if it is through gritted teeth.  Maybe I should try to give them a taste of their own medicine …..you know what I wont because something tells me all that would do is result in grumpy hubby, even stroppier younger daughter, even fewer texts and messages from older daughter living the life in Europe and make me want that glass of fizzy wine even more.

It is almost three pm time to switch off me m ode and put back on mum mode


Oh Happy days








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