Mothering Sunday Article in The Rayleigh Review

Posted on 21st March 2017


The Very Last Rayleigh Review Magazine

Last month saw the last edition of The Rayleigh Review Magazine published and sadly it will be no more. Faced with increasing competition and a decreasing amount of advertisers, coupled with the huge amount of work that it took to put each edition together, Paul Dunt the editor has taken the very difficult decision to bring this fabulous magazine to an end.

You can still see some of the previous editions on line at their website but as I write this the March edition is not online but I will upload it here so that you can read my words of wisdom!!!

Mothering Sunday Article

Mothering Sunday falls on March 26th this year. However not everyone is lucky enough  either to be a mum, or to have a mum, and we should take a minute to think of the dads and other females within the family taking on this very important role when they are sadly not there.

I am a mum. I may not be the best one in the world but I strive to be the best that I can be for my children albeit that they are not little children anymore. Because whatever stage of life they are at, I am still their mum. And if that means having the odd, or increasingly more frequent, grumpy moments, being a nag, a worrier or a meticulous planner then so be it. I wholeheartedly embrace these traits.

After all we are the clothes ‘washers’, school uniform felt tip pen stain removers, teenage stinky bedroom fumigators, extractor of forgotten mould encrusted unidentifiable lunch box containers, home work delivery services to school offices to prevent detentions, general taxi drivers, enthusiastic football, swimming and dancing spectators, enthralled school choir and violin solo front row audience members.

We are the teachers of morals, givers of advice even when unsolicited, the holder of hands, the wipers of tears, the listener to problems, the French vocabulary testers, the times tables checkers and the homework assistants. We book the family get togethers, the dental appointments, the doctors’ appointments even the vets’ appointments. We are the sickness bug clean up squad, the medicine givers and at meal times the green vegetable enforcers, the quantity of water drunk increasers and the quantity of sugar eaten reducers. We are that mystical toilet roll replacer that no one has ever seen and the spilt tooth paste wiper uppers.

We are the cake bakers, the treat makers, the day out organisers and the dinner on the table suppliers.

We don’t expect daily thanks or huge displays of gratitude, but perhaps on this one day of the year we secretly hope that our partners and our kids will switch off their I pads, put down their phones, step away from the TV and maybe just maybe they will demonstrate that although they rarely say it they really do appreciate all that we do alongside our jobs and our careers.

So if any children are reading this, regardless of their age as that includes grown up children too, how about doing something different to say thank you to your mum?

Now of course at this point of course I am going to suggest that it has a foodie relevance but it could simply be a cup of tea when she least expects it, breakfast in bed served on  a tray. I used to do this for my mum on Mothers’ day and always picked daffodils from the garden to put in a little bud vase. It was a miracle that I never spilt it on the way up stairs. I always remember our elder daughter proudly presenting us with breakfast in bed one year. It was the first time she had done it and it was lovely tea and toast I think but the fact that we ran a coffee shop must have had a huge affect on her as the cheeky little monster then presented us with a bill once we had finished it!!!!!!!!!!!

If you have young children then baking a cake with dad is the perfect thing to do while mum chills out reading a book or catching up on a much loved hobby.

My Banana and Nutella sponge cake is one of the simplest and easiest cakes to make and any toddlers will love feeling involved mashing the banana up. Older children can decorate it using sprinkles, fresh fruit or grated chocolate too.

Happy Mothering Sunday x



Mothering Sunday Article


Nutella cake

Banana and Nutella cake

What was it actually about?

Well I took a minute to think about all of the things that mums just simply do everyday, not because we want praise much as that is nice to receive it sometimes, but simply because its what we do it is what makes us mums nurturing and caring for the little monsters or in my case the quite grown up monsters and the wider family generally.

So please have a read, I’m sure you will identify with many of these musings and if you like what you read please leave me a comment or share the post on Facebook or Twitter.

Have a fabulous day on Sunday and I wish you all a very Happy Mothers Day

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