Munching My Way Round Borough Market

Posted on 28th February 2017


St Pauls


Back in half term I had a fab day up in Borough Market. It was only the second time that I had been there after coming across it last summer. I knew of it from the great Mr Jamie Oliver but had not realised exactly how centrally located it was until last August. Crossing The Thames by St Paul’s Cathedral, via the Millenium Bridge, it is just a short ten minute walk along some of the older parts of the city that would look at home in any Harry Potter film.

Checking their website there has been a market here for over a thousand years.It probably became popular as it was the only place to cross the river at this time due to its location to London Bridge. Today it is a focus for the new and exciting changes that are always evolving in the world of food and you can find something here for even the most fussy of eaters and I should know as I had one with me that day!!!!

We started our stroll with a salt beef bagel something that I have never had before and boy was it good. Soft and tender beef with mustard and pickles in a fabulous bagel.

Salt beef

My first salt beef bagel

How convenient was it that we stumbled across an olde worlde wine bar and two ‘take out’ glasses of Prosecco purchased we continued on our way not sure what to try next being tempted from a rainbow of gorgeous aromas wafting around us. Slightly giddy from quaffing Prosecco at half eleven in the morning on an empty stomach we headed for the fruit smoothie stand and filled up on a mix of amazing fruit based smoothies each one of us trying the others and all agreeing that the banana strawberry one was the best.

The best smoothies ever


The market is like a sensory over load with every stall displying something different and the most amazing and varied variations of food being cooked there in front of you on the street. From vegetarian to vegan to Caribbean to Indian to Chinese to American to wet fish mongers to speciality cheese stalls to fabulous loose leaf tea sellers to super wholesome wheat grass drinks to truffle sellers with their truffles selling at £175 per 100 g !!!!! to fruit and veg sellers with species of veggies I have never seen before.

Cheese cheese and more cheese


A quick trip back to replenish our now empty glasses of wine and a top up of a soft drink for our younger guest and we were off again tasting and sampling as we went. There are a couple of amazing restaurants within the market itself but you really can eat your way round to your hearts content.

Our final foodie stop was without doubt one of the best things that I have ever eaten and I genuinely mean that. It was a chicken wrap but as Marks and Spencer’s would say it was not just a chicken wrap but an amazing combination of the most vibrant , freshest and zingyest flavours on the most succulent and tastiest chicken in the lightest and most flavoursome flat bread ever.
If I am honest it didn’t look great in fact it looks almost anaemic in colour and the stall we bought it from was just a basic little stand but oh my goodness it was out of this world. It was a Fosse Meadows Chicken Shawarma wrap. These are made from slow grown free range chicken from pesticide free pastures in Leicestershire. The meat is marinated for 48 hours with a mix of secret spices, lemons, oranges, wild Jordanian thyme cooked on a rotisserie served with a garlic sauce and a charred chicken dripping flat bread. I think the secret to the flat bread is that chicken fat and I only hope that next time I visit that they are there again.

wrap chef

Chicken chef

He was a lovely guy and you could see he really loved it when he could see how much every one of us who had queued for this said how much they enjoyed it.


That wrap!!

That wrap!

As I said it wasn’t much to look at but then as my mum always taught me

‘its not what’s on the outside that counts it’s what’s on the inside that is important!!!!’

The market is open every day according to the website but its better to go later in the week, Thursday to Sunday, to see it at it’s best

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