Pancake Day

Posted on 1st March 2017


Shrove Tuesday Pancake Day February 28th 

Yesterday was Pancake Day and many families and students up and down the country will have indulged in the fun of making and tossing and possibly dropping pancakes! Our attempts last night were pretty good and this year to ring the changes I made some savoury ones . Why have I never done this before? I used the same batter even tho there was  a tad of sugar in it and then sprinkled cheese over that last couple of moments while it was in the pan so that it just started to melt then added my pre cooked spinach, mushrooms and finally some ham.  Hubby was very impressed so they must have been good. I expected them to be dry as there was no sauce but they were perfect tho next time some pesto or Boursin cheese would be a good idea too. I didn’t use onion or garlic as we were using the same pan for sweet and savoury so bear the cross over of flavours if you cook both together.

sweet toppings

Sweet toppings

savoury toppings

Savoury toppings

Top Tip

Have everything prepped and ready to go especially as mushrooms and spinach give off a lot of water when you cook them and you don’t want a soggy bottom.

Ingredients enough for 10 to 12 thin pancakes

8oz plain flour

500 ml milk

500 ml water

2 eggs

1 tbsp oil

pinch salt

1 tbsp sugar



Sieve the flour, this is important as it really makes a difference, into a large bowl or jug

Mix the milk and water together and slowly add to the flour stirring with a balloon whisk to remove the lumps

In the now empty jug whisk the two eggs together and add to the main mixture stirring well

Add the oil, sugar and salt and whisk again scraping the bottom of the bowl to ensure everything is well incorporated, you want the texture similar to single cream so add extra liquid if it is too thick

Leave for an hour or so and then go mad creating any filling you like

ham etc

Pancake Perfection

I have made an amazing discovery this week it is simply the best peanut butter ever, tho it does have maple syrup in it already and yes it is high in fat and calories but it has the best texture I have ever known and as a topping it is soft and easy to spread even pour from a spoon over ice cream etc 

I have no connection with them I just wanted to share how good it was.


Peanut butter

I say this every year but pancakes are so easy to make and the kids love them too so why do I only make them at this time of the year?

I hope you enjoyed my pancake musings feel free to comment or send me photos of your pancakes

Remember if I can help you with any writing in a professional way please do not hesitate to contact me

Happy cooking


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    1. viv seaman says:

      YUM! The best foodie ideas I’ve seen in ages. Think I’ll postpone the diet one more day!

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