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Posted on 2nd February 2015

This is the third edition of The Rayleigh Review and is very different to other publications that have been seen in Rayleigh before. Paul Dunt is the editor. He has been a journalist for over twenty years and has a wealth of experience in newspapers, television and radio.

With The Rayleigh Review Paul has made a bold stand and stayed loyal to his journalistic and newspaper background. The ethos behind the magazine was that he wanted it to be an editorial packed community magazine for the town. Although advertising is vital to the success of this publication, Paul was determined that it would be editorial that would lead the way rather than lots of glossy adverts. His goal was to seek out a great mix of relevant stories that local residents, charitable organisations, societies and local businesses would be interested in. It is also larger than most local magazines and definitely stands out from the others.

Other regular columnists are Mike Davies, chairman of, Rayleigh Through The Looking Glass. He has an amazing amount of local knowledge about the history of the town.

Chris Jones is a musician and writer and has seen the many varied changes in the industry first hand.

As for me I have been involved in the food industry since the early 1980s. I studied at Westminster College in London, although not at the same time as the infamous Jamie Oliver! I have worked in restaurants, hotels, wine bars and even at sea. I opened Squires Coffee Shop in Rayleigh High Street with My hubby back in 1996.

I simply cannot wait for next months edition.

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