Valentine’s Day 2018

Posted on 15th February 2018

heart shaped Valentine eggs

Back in February 2015, wow that seems so long ago, I was asked by my then editor to write a column for the less confident cook to use on Valentine’s Day and came up with this menu.

Prawn Cocktail with heart shaped bread

Steak with chunky chips and a mushroom sauce

A cheat’s Banoffee Pie

The food looked amazing and my hubby was most surprised to come home from a hard day at work on a wet and miserable Tuesday in early January to be met with a three course Valentine menu. Upon asking, ‘what’s for dinner tonight?’ I told him what the menu was but then explained, ‘we will have to eat it in stages as I want to take lots of fabulous photos of each course and check the recipe ingredients and method as I cook each dish.’

My ten year old daughter was a great help and assisted with lighting, well standing on a chair and holding her desk lamp at the required angle whilst I preened and arranged the food.

Let me know what you think or if you used any of my cooking tips. I already know that the main tip that people learnt from the article was to oil the meat and not the pan…….I have had lots of comments on how that helped them out. Now I just want to know if anyone proposed over my Valentine Menu.

The following year, 2016, I wrote about something that we ladies love at any time of the year, be it Valentine’s Day or not…chocolate. the article centred more on the history of chocolate and how some of the well known names that we all eat today came to be……Nestle, Cadburys etc.

Then the following year, February 2017, I wrote not so much about romance but about loving yourself and taking time out for family and friends. So whatever you did this year I hope that you had a happy and positive Valentines day and it was infused with just a little romance or chocolate then all the better.

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