Winter Is Coming

Posted on 23rd November 2017

winter Cappuccino

So winter is just around the corner and  our daily lifestyle habits are beginning to change. It is dark when we get up and dark when we get home. Most of us ‘require’ the central heating to be on longer and those brushed cotton PJs and fluffy slipper socks, that have been hiding in the wardrobe since early this year, have made their escape and are now in regular use!!!

The leaves have fallen from the trees approaching winter, and our downtime activities centre on being indoors more and more so. The daily dog walks are walks as opposed to runs as the fields are always wet and sometimes it seems like we need to have a regular weather update before risking the ‘hat hair look’ or the ‘drowned rat look’ when exercising our four legged family members.

Winter Eating habits are changing  with stews, curries and roasts the order of the day and I will admit that I have started to use the slow cooker again to nourish my family with warming healthy food, or indeed because a simple salad will not suffice in these temperatures. People tend to crave comfort food, and sponge puddings and crumbles with lashings of custard are on restaurant menus everywhere. It is time to hanker down, keep warm and immerse ourselves in the traditional run up to Christmas.

So wherever you are happy autumn / winter and roll on Christmas!!!!!!!!! Don’t forget to visit if you are in Rayleigh for a warming coffee or even a glass of mulled wine.

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